Version 1.0 - Last Updated: 16 Feb 2021

Creating courses

Adding a course to support DSA applications

To allow students to access DSA support, you should continue to update your DSA course yourself.

You should treat this in the same way as all other courses on CMS: enter the relevant fee, term dates and location information and add the course.

You will only need to set up one generic course that will cover any DSA student application, irrespective of the funding level (undergraduate or postgraduate).

The following example shows the format you should follow when you enter the DSA course.


Course details

Funding level: Undergraduate

Study mode: Full-time

Name of course: DSA Designated Post Grad

Qualification: Postgraduate ITT with QTS

Duration: 1

UCAS course code: POST

HECOS code: 101274 – General Studies

HEP code: N/A

Location: Main campus


The location should be the primary location for your university or college. The course fee should be your provider fee cap. For term dates, enter your most common term dates.

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