Courses Service User Group

The Courses Service User Group (CSUG) was established to cover the business processes around providing full and part time course details to the Student Loans Company on an annual basis, the Courses Service and interfaces to other SLC systems and to HEP's own systems and also to advise on procedures, guidance and channels for assistance.

The objectives of the group are as follows:

  • Review the progress of the changes to the Courses Service 
  • Review guidance notes and identify changes and clarifications
  • Identify external factors that might influence the scope or value of the service

Courses Service User Group Members

Graeme Lindsay


Ashley Boyd


James Sewell

 University of Warwick

Carina Sutherland

 Napier University

Cerys Phillips

 Cardiff University

Daniel Lockley

 University of Leeds

Scott Miller

 Birkbeck University

Deborah Clark

 University of Manchester

Caroline Kinchington

 The University of Law

Paul McNeill

 Manchester Met University

Padraig McCann

 Queens University, Belfast

Cathy Caves

 The Open University