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Student Information Service (SIS)


User Access

Accessing the HE Gateway 

Creating a new user 

Administering existing users 

Resetting a user's password 

Removing user access 

New bank details 


 Student Information

Searching and Viewing Student Information 

Details You Need to Check 

Exporting Student Information 

Payment Schedules 



Registration and When to Confirm 

Registration Worklist 

Importing and Exporting Registration 

Submitting Registration Manually Through Student Screens 

Manual Registration 



Attendance and when to Confirm 

Attendance Worklist 

Importing and exporting Attendance 

Submitting Attendance Manually Through Student Screens 

Tuition fee payments for AY 2020/21


Financial Reports

Tuition Fee Balance

Tuition Fee Forecast 

Tuition Fee Remittance 

Blocked Maintenance 

Online Declaration 


Change of Circumstance (CoC) Service

Import CoCs via csv file 

Pre-Liability Transfer for Application Corrections 

Post-Liability Transfer for Application Corrections 

Internal Transfer 

Transfer In

Full-time Fee Change 

Part-time Fee Change 

External Resits





Mode Switchers 

Credits - Part-time Maintenance Loans only