Student Finance England Postgraduate Loans

Students studying a postgraduate course will be able to apply for postgraduate finance under Student Finance England (SFE). The loan will be:

  • a contribution towards the costs of study, i.e. it will be at the student’s discretion to use the loan towards fees, maintenance costs or other costs;
  • non-means tested;
  • paid directly to the student.

A policy summary document, outlining the key features of the new loan, is available on the policy pages of our SFE Practitioner website. 

Student Information Service - Quick Guide Release

In line with the Postgraduate Loans implementation plan the guidance below relates to:

  • View Student Information including export
  • Registration - including worklist changes, results and registration worklist export/import.

Searching and Viewing Student Information updated 8 June 2018

Exporting Student Information updated 8 June 2018

Registration and When to Confirm updated 8 June 2018

Registration Worklist updated 8 June 2018

Importing and Exporting Registration Confirmations updated 8 June 2018

Submitting Registration manually through Student Screens updated 8 June 2018

Cross Year CoC Quick Guide updated 8 June 2018

Apply Once Quick Guide updated 8 June 2018

Should you require the technical specification for file import/export please email your request to HEP Services.

Change of Circumstance (CoC) notifications

Course Transfer updated 8 June 2018

Provider Transfer updated 8 June 2018

Withdrawal updated 8 June 2018

Suspension updated 8 June 2018

Resumption updated 8 June 2018

Queries relating to postgraduate loans should be directed to HEP Services.