Student Finance England Postgraduate Loans

Students studying a postgraduate Master’s course will be able to apply for a Postgraduate Loan (PGL) under Student Finance England. The loan will be:

  • a contribution towards the costs of study, i.e. it will be at the student’s discretion to use the loan towards fees, maintenance costs or other costs;
  • non-means tested;
  • paid directly to the student.

A policy summary document, outlining the key features of the new loan, is available on the policy pages of our SFE Practitioner website. 

AY2017/18 Postgraduate Loans Guidance

PGL Summary

PGL Payment Summary

Postgraduate Loans HEP Awareness Seminars

SLC held Awareness Seminars for Higher Education Providers on Postgraduate Loans on 12th to 22nd January 2016.

The presentations from the seminars are available here. Please cascade these to all relevant teams within your institution, to include those staff engaged with student recruitment, careers advice and guidance tutors.

PGL Awareness Seminar - Policy Summary Slides

PGL Awareness Seminar - Workshop Slides

The Q&A document compiled from Workshop Table Discussions and Plenary Sessions is now available, alongside additional detail relating to Residency and Courses.

Q&A Document - Edition 5 updated 13th January 2017

Q&A Courses - Edition 4 updated 25th May 2016

Q&A Residency - Edition 2 updated 27th April 2016

Student Information Service - Quick Guide Release

In line with the Postgraduate Loans implementation plan the guidance below relates to:

  • View Student Information including export
  • Registration - including worklist changes, results and registration worklist export/import.

View Student Information Quick Guide

Registration Confirmation Quick Guide - Version 6 updated 14th June 2017

Cross Year CoC  - PG Master's Quick Guide

Apply Once - PG Master's Quick Guide updated 18th December 2017

Should you require the technical specification for file import/export please email your request to HEP Services.

Change of Circumstance (CoC) notifications

Course Transfer

Provider Transfer

Resumption updated 18th December 2017



Queries relating to Postgraduate Loans should be directed to HEP Services with PGL included in the email title.