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A central point for access to further information on all of the services offered through our HE Portal.

Attendance & Fee Payments

The process for HE Providers confirming student registration in order to release maintenance payments and confirming student attendance in order to release fee payments is managed through the Student Information Service (SIS) on the HE Portal. The above page covers guidance on all aspects of SIS (Viewing Student Information / Change of Circumstances / Confirming Attendance / Confirming Registration / Viewing Financial Reports). Further guidance and clarification on Tuition Fee Waivers / Interest Calculations is also available to view via this page, as well as a FAQ's document, SIS User Guide, Service Definition, Release Notes and Financial Management Reports Catalogue. Clarification is also available to view on which students will and will not appear on each worklist along with examples.

Student Information Service page

Change of Circumstances

HE Providers can view and submit Change of Circumstance notifications through the CoC Service on the HE Portal. The Change of Circumstance pages includes further information on the service as well as a copy of the user guide. The page also provides information on how HEPs can submit bulk XML files of up to 500 CoCs and provides information on accessing a test environment to check if their XML Files will pass the system validation.

Change of Circumstance page

Course Submissions

The Courses Service, on the HE Portal is the central repositary of HE Providers' course details. Annually, providers are required to provide details of all their Full Time and Part Time HE courses to the Student Loans Company for the purposes of student funding. The Courses Service pages contain links to the user guide, service definition, further information on course designation and further guidance on entering term dates .

Courses Service Page


This page gives further information and contact details for SLCs Bursaries Administration Service.

Bursaries Service Page

Practitioners websites

The sites provide a range of information, online tools, downloadable fact sheets, presentations, videos and print materials to help your students. Further information and guidance chapters on student finance policy can also be accessed.

Student Finance England Practitioners Resources
Student Finance Wales Practitioners Resources