Service Review Forums

The Student Loans Company runs a series of service review forums for universities and colleges that we actively engage with, twice per year.

The forums offer Higher Education Providers a chance to receive updates on current and future services and to provide feedback to SLC. The feedback received is used to improve and develop the services we offer. The forums also provide an excellent environment to share best practice with peers from neighbouring institutions and are aimed at student support managers and practitioners who are responsible for the business-to-business interactions between SLC and the provider, including staff from the following areas:

  • Finance (Fees)
  • Registry (Attendance & Courses)
  • Student Support Services

In order to ensure that the topics covered at the forums reach the correct people at Higher Education Providers we would expect that all attendees cascade the information presented at the forums to the relevant parties at their institution. The forums are organised by the Account Manager for your region.