We're locking down your JACS codes on CMS on Friday 19 October

12 October 2018

In advance of course collection for academic year 2019/20, we will lock down the functionality to edit course JACS codes in the Courses Management Service (CMS) on Friday 19 October.

Please review your courses on CMS to ensure that correct JACS codes have been entered for all of them before the lockdown.

Our Partners Support Desk can help you should you need to change any of the JACS codes entered for your courses.

Please be aware that an incorrect JACS code entry could have a considerable impact on your students' loan entitlements.

Why we're locking down JACS code functionality

You will be required to submit Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS) codes as part of the course collection process for AY 2019/20.

The JACS code lockdown will help you to enter the right HECoS codes for your courses and that will help us to assess your students' eligibility more efficiently.

HECoS codes introduced

Further background information about the introduction of Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS) codes is available here.