SFNI AY 2018/19 Part-time and Postgraduate Student Applications Open Now

Applications are now open for Part-time and Postgraduate Student finance for AY 2018/19 in Northern Ireland.

14 May 2018

SFNI Postgraduate Tuition Fee Loan applications for AY 2018/19

New Northern Irish students starting an eligible Postgraduate Master’s degree, a Postgraduate Diploma, or a Postgraduate Certificate from 1 August 2018, can now apply for a Postgraduate Tuition Fee Loan for AY 2018/19.

You can find more information about Postgraduate Tuition Fee Loan applications here

Continuing postgraduate students will not be able to apply for finance at this time, applications will be made available soon.

SFNI Part-Time Undergraduate applications for AY 2018/19

Northern Irish students starting an eligible part-time undergraduate degree can now apply for funding, as applications for AY 2018/19 are open.

New and continuing part-time undergraduate students can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan alongside any other available finance and applications need to be made for each year of study.

You can find out more information about Part-time Undergraduate Loan applications here. 

How students apply

Students eligible for Part-time Tuition Fee or Postgraduate Master’s finance should apply as soon as possible to ensure that their finance is ready for the start of their course. The quickest and easiest way for students to apply is on the SFNI website.


Students making applications for Postgraduate Tuition Fee Loans for AY 2018/19 will now submit their Online Terms and Conditions (OTC) via their online account with an Electronic Signature (E-Signature).

The E-signature service will be made available to Part-Time Undergraduate students soon.

The introduction of E-Signatures means that students will enjoy an improved customer experience.

You can find information to help guide your students through the application process on the SFNI website.


The updated Attendance Guidance document for Postgraduate Tuition Fee Loan is available here and the Attendance Guidance for Part-time Undergraduates is available here.

Changes made include increased attendance confirmation requirements to be in line with the full-time process. This change will act as additional assurance that students are engaged with their course ultimately protecting public funds.