Postgraduate Healthcare: Change to eligibility

15 February 2018

We would like to make providers aware of a change to Postgraduate Healthcare course eligibility for English domiciled students, and what this means for entering courses on CMS, announced on 7 February 2018.

From AY 18/19 the Department of Health will no longer fund tuition fees through Health Education England or bursaries through the NHS BSA to new students on Postgraduate Healthcare courses studying in England.

Instead, English domiciled students new to a Postgraduate Healthcare course in AY 18/19 will be eligible for the standard undergraduate package of support.

To be eligible to attract this package of support, Postgraduate Healthcare courses must meet the following criteria:

  • A designated pre-registration course in allied health profession subjects, nursing or midwifery
  • A Level 7 Postgraduate Masters or Postgraduate Diploma
  • Full-time
  • Not distance learning
  • Must be a minimum of two academic years.

The Welsh Government has confirmed that it is retaining its bursary offer to Postgraduate Healthcare students.

More information can be found on the UK Government's website.

Providers offering these courses for English domiciled students should enter each course in the Courses Management Service (CMS) as an undergraduate course choosing the qualification ‘Postgraduate Healthcare’.

Further information about how to enter these courses on CMS can be found in our updated guidance.