It’s time to submit attendance confirmations for third instalment fee payments

11 April 2018

Providers are reminded to complete their attendance confirmation submissions by Wednesday, 25 April so that we can make third instalment fee payments to them on behalf their students next month.

The earliest payment date for third instalment fee payments for autumn start courses is Wednesday, 2 May.

Whether providers will receive payment from us on 2 May is dependent upon the successful completion of their attendance confirmation submissions by 25 April as well as the start date of their third term.

Fee payments for positive attendance confirmations received after the earliest payment date will be scheduled for the following Wednesday as per the usual business process.

Attendance confirmation submissions

Providers are responsible for ensuring that their attendance confirmation submissions are timely, accurate, correctly formatted and in line with the agreed Service Standards.

Providers can contact their Account Manager to raise any issues ahead of the 25 April deadline.

The Attendance Worklist is populated and available in line with the third term start date as entered by your provider within the Courses Management Service.

Further information is available in the Attendance Confirmation Quick Guide.