HEP Bulletin – November 2018

HEP Bulletin – November 2018

30 November 2018

We welcome your feedback to ensure that this bulletin is of value to you and your organisation.

Registration with No Attendance

Please be reminded that you are responsible for taking the appropriate follow-up action for students who you have registered. There are still 18,500 outstanding attendance confirmations, therefore please ensure you are taking the relevant steps via positive or negative attendance codes. While doing this it may be beneficial to check if any action can be taken on your registration or attendance worklists.

You can find guidance documents on the Guidance page if you need them.

Part-Time Course Credits

Our Partners Support Desk and Account Managers have been contacting providers to confirm if course credits are correct. To prevent incorrect funding being released courses requiring confirmation of credits had funding blocked and a number of confirmations are still outstanding. If you have received communication from SLC on this please could you contact us as a matter of urgency so we can resolve as soon as possible.

Thank you to those providers who have responded, we are working through these and will be in contact with you soon to confirm the action taken.

Course Collection

Course Collection for Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland will open the week commencing 3 December.

For English HEPs that have registered with Office for Students (OfS) you will be invited for course collection shortly. You will be informed when courses have been rolled over and when you can confirm your course set up for 2019/20. For any providers who are yet to register with OfS you will be contacted once registration is complete so you can add your courses to CMS.

You can find CMS guidance documents on the Guidance page if you need them.

Account Managers

Our Account Managers are always on hand to provide high level support for you, this may be through visits, face-to-face engagement or day-to-day activity.

Part of an Account Manager's role is to monitor compliance to our Service Standards, so you may receive contact from them in the coming weeks as we review provider progress against these. Should you need to contact your Account Manager then please find their details on the Regional Support page.

CMS Webinar

Today, we launch our Courses Management Service Webinar, this holds key information on ensuring your courses are set up correctly for 2019/20. It talks through term dates, seasonal intakes, fee rates and course attributes. The webinar supports existing CMS guidance enabling you to add accurate information for the coming academic year. The webinar and a supporting Q&A document will be added to our HEP services website soon.

HE Student Support Seminar 2019

You should have recently received a Save the Date message to confirm our HE Student Support Seminar. I am pleased to announce this will be held at the Beaumont Estate in Windsor on 13-15 March 2019.

We look forward to seeing you there for a fully packed seminar programme.

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