HEP Bulletin – December 2018

HEP Bulletin – December 2018

31 December 2018

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Course Submission

Course collection is now open for Scottish, Welsh, NI, ROI and OfS registered providers in England. The 19/20 AY tab is available with your rolled over courses in CMS and supporting guidance is available to assist you as you begin to save and upload your courses. The deadline for course submission is 31 January 2019 however, I would ask that where you are confident courses will be running in 2019 and that the course set up is correct you please complete these ahead of the deadline. This will allow us to conduct validation checks and promote accuracy for our students following service launch.

Courses Management Service Webinar

Some of you may have tuned in to watch our CMS Webinar in November, for those of you who have not seen this then do not worry as the webinar is now available on our website. You will find useful information on term dates, fees, course set up and the transition to HECoS along with a Q&A document that has been produced for further guidance.

You can view the webinar here.

2018/19 Statistics

As we move into the new calendar year it is important to reflect on our position for 2018/19.

Total Change of Circumstances by code 18/19

Total Change of Circumstance by code in 2018/19


Outstanding Registration and Attendance confirmations

These statistics illustrate a similar trend in outstanding volumes that we've seen in previous years. Key actions as we move into January are that you promptly submit CoCs following the submission of a negative attendance code and that any outstanding registration and attendance confirmations are actioned as soon as possible prior to Liability 2.

Your Account Manager will be in contact to ask that you provide an update on any outstanding actions.

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