Fee Payment Mailbox Closure

05 September 2018

Our Fee Payments mailbox is closing at the end of the month so you'll need to send queries to our HEP Services mailbox instead.

From Monday 1 October fee queries should be sent to our HEP Services mailbox, HEP_Services@slc.co.uk, as we are closing our Fee Payments mailbox, feepayments@slc.co.uk.

The Fee Payments mailbox is closing as a result of our ongoing process efficiency review that aims to make it easier for you to contact us as well as to improve our response time.

Emails sent in error to our Fee Payments mailbox on or after 1 October will redirect to our HEP Services mailbox.

Senders will receive an automatic reply explaining that the mailbox is no longer active.

This change will only affect HE fee queries. FE fee queries should be still be directed to the LP Services mailbox.