Course Collection is now open for postgraduate doctoral courses for AY 19/20

You can now submit your postgraduate doctoral courses on CMS

18 April 2019

Our Courses Management Service (CMS) is now available for all Higher Education Providers with research degree awarding powers to submit postgraduate doctoral courses for English- and Welsh-domiciled students.

You can now start your AY 2019/20 full- and part-time postgraduate doctoral course submission. Please aim to have course submissions complete by Friday 24 May ahead of the student application launch.


If you're unsure of course eligibility for your postgraduate doctoral courses please consult the CMS Postgraduate Doctoral Course Eligibility Document.

You can find further guidance and information on submitting your courses in the CMS User Guide.

What's New for 2019/20?


A new subject coding system known as the Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS) has replaced JACS codes.

From AY 2019/20 you need to enter a HECoS code for all undergraduate and postgraduate courses across all domiciles. CMS will not let you save courses that do not have a valid HECoS code.

You can find more information on the HECoS coding system and guidance to help with attributing the correct HECoS code to your courses on the HESA website.

We have also created detailed guidance on how to add HECoS codes to your courses. You can find this under the CMS Quick Guides section.

Variable Dates

From AY 19/20, providers are now asked to add term dates for all years for Doctoral courses, this means you can now include variable term dates for each year where relevant.