AY 2019/20 full-time undergraduate course collection is now open

CMS is now available for AY 2019/20 full-time undergraduate course collection

16 January 2019

CMS is now available for all publicly funded, Higher Education Providers within England*, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to commence their AY 2018/19 full-time undergraduate course submission.

All open full-time courses in CMS for AY 2018/19 are now presented under the AY 2019/20 tab ready to be saved. You should aim to have course submissions complete by 31 January 2019.

At this point we are not collecting AY 2019/20 part-time undergraduate or postgraduate courses. Further details on when these courses can be submitted will follow.

Please note, as Scottish postgraduate courses are added as undergraduate courses, full-time postgraduate courses should be entered at this point for your Scottish domiciled students. Further guidance on how to enter these courses can be found in the CMS Guidance Document.

New for AY 2019/20


A new subject coding system known as the Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS) has been introduced to replace JACS codes. From AY 2019/20 you need to enter a HECoS code for all courses, this is a mandatory field for all undergraduate and postgraduate courses across all domiciles. CMS will prevent courses being saved that do not have a valid HECoS code. 

You can find out more information on the HECoS coding system and guidance to help with attributing the correct HECoS code to your courses on the HESA website.

Detailed guidance on how to add HECoS codes to your courses has been created and can be found on the HEP Services website under the CMS Quick Guides section.  

Accelerated Courses (English HEPs)

Following the ministerial announcement on accelerated courses, providers will have the ability to submit accelerated courses with the relevant course fee on CMS for new students. SLC is currently working on the functionality for this and we will advise, prior to student application launch, when CMS is available for you to add these types of courses. 

Please note, where you have existing accelerated courses set up you will need to save this course for AY 2019/20 for continuing students on this course. You should use the Available Course Years functionality for continuing students on this course.

Further guidance on accelerated courses will be provided in due course.

Submitting your AY 2019/20 courses 

To help ensure providers have all the information required to submit accurate courses that comply with complex policy, the CMS guidance as been updated accordingly. We strongly advise that providers review this document before starting their course submission.

Once you've finished... let us know

To allow us to monitor the level of course submissions, we would appreciate if you could send an email to the Partners Support Desk confirming the date you intend to complete the submission of your course information. Please also send an email to the Partners Support Desk to confirm when you have completed your course submission. 

If you feel it's not possible to meet the 31 January 2019 completion date please contact the Partners Support Desk to advise us of this. 

Submit your AY 2019/20 Undergraduate courses. 

*HEPs in England need to ensure OfS registration is complete prior to course submission.