AY 2019/20 accelerated degree collection now available

12 February 2019

In order to widen participation and offer more flexible study patterns from AY 2019/20, higher education providers in England can charge a higher fee amount per annum for an accelerated degree. Most students on these courses will be able to access the higher fee funding.

The Courses Management Service (CMS) is now available for you to enter your accelerated degrees for AY 2019/20. We strongly advise you read the Accelerated Degrees Quick Guide before submitting your courses.

For an accelerated course to be eligible for the higher fee cap in AY 2019/20 it must meet the following criteria:

  • The course must be provided by an English higher education provider;
  • The course must lead to one of the following degree qualifications:
    - Honours degree,
    - Ordinary degree, or
    - Integrated master’s degree;
  • The course must be full-time; and
  • The course must be undertaken over the length of an equivalent standard-length course minus one year.

Only students starting a course in AY 2019/20 or later are eligible to access the higher fee funding. Where you have existing accelerated courses set up, you will need to save these courses for AY 2019/20 for continuing students. You should use the ‘Available Course Years’ functionality to teach out these courses for continuing students.

For information on how to add an accelerated degree to CMS and for eligibility guidance, please refer to the Accelerated Degrees Quick Guide in the Guidance and Further Information section of the website.