Additional evidence request for some postgraduate doctoral students in AY 2018/19

15 June 2018

Some AY 2017/18 postgraduate Master’s students may approach their provider to request information to support their AY 2018/19 postgraduate doctoral application.

We require additional evidence from students who apply for financial support for an AY 2018/19 postgraduate doctoral course that has a start date earlier than the end date of their AY 2017/18 postgraduate Master’s course on our systems.

To ensure an accurate assessment is made we require evidence of the student’s AY 2017/18 study completion date. We are unable to progress the student’s application until we receive this additional evidence.

How many students are affected?

We believe only a minority of students will be affected based on previous years’ application trends.

As of AY 2018/19 providers need to enter start and end dates for their postgraduate Master’s courses on the Courses Management Service (CMS) to reduce the likelihood of students being in a similar situation in AY 2019/20.

What additional evidence will applicable students need to submit?

We will write to applicable students with the following additional evidence request:

  • You need to send us a letter from your university on headed paper confirming your full name; your Master’s course; and the end date of your Master’s course.
  • You should send the letter to: Student Finance England, PO Box 210, Darlington, DL1 9HJ.

What happens if an applicable student does not send their additional evidence?

An applicable student’s application for AY 2018/19 financial support cannot be accurately assessed until we receive their additional evidence.

We are grateful to providers for their assistance in providing any applicable students with the evidence they need to send to us in order to continue with their application.

Application service launch

We are aiming to launch the AY 2018/19 postgraduate doctoral application service for students early next week. We contact providers with further information and resources once the application service is open to students.