2016 Student Support Seminar

16-18 March 2016

The Student Support Seminar delivers a complete assessment of how we work with you, our delivery partners, to develop and deliver services to students and Higher Education Providers. Our seminar is a key component of our engagement programme designed to maximise the effectiveness of how SLC and HE Providers interact to deliver student finance and HE funding services.

The Seminar provides a full and comprehensive range of workshop options, plenary briefings and informal discussion sessions. Attendees will benefit from insight into the plans for developing and delivering student finance and fees systems, which will assist with the planning of administration and support functions in the coming year.

Student Support Seminar 2016 at Jurys Inn, Leicestershire

The 2016 HE Student Support Seminar was held at Jurys Inn Hinckley Island, Leicestershire from the 16-18 March 2016.

Workshop sessions

Do you have questions about this years Student Support Seminar? Our HEI Services team will be happy to help.

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